Debbie McDaniel

Debbie was born in Denton, TX, and came to Christ at age 14 through hearing the Gospel at a Lakeland Christmas musical. She graduated from Lewisville High School and attended Brookhaven College in Dallas. She began working at Lakeland in 1988, and since 1990 has served in the area of finance. Debbie assists the Pastor of Administration in financial administration for both Lakeland Baptist Church and Lakeland Christian Academy. She also manages Lakeland’s building and transportation schedules, as well as assisting the property management team with maintenance of the facilities.

Beyond these, Debbie leads Lakeland’s hospitality team in organizing and setting up special events. Debbie enjoys traveling and spending time helping family and friends. Her hope for Lakeland is that we will be a people faithful to share the Gospel and willing to be an avenue for people to be restored to God.