Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School exists to bring people together to read, discuss, and apply the Bible to our everyday lives. Come join us for coffee and community as we turn to God's word every Sunday morning together. We have Sunday School classes for every age and life stage. Stop by the Welcome Center* to find a class to plug into or contact Jim Crouch at and we can help you find a class that's a good fit. 

Sunday School starts at 9:00 AM. 

*The Welcome Center is located in the middle of our first floor foyer (near the Library and entrance to the Worship Center). We have friendly greeters there who would love to help you find a class! 


Sunday School Class Options




Matt Wooster Students 6th-12th Grade Room 270
Tom Halter  Young Adults Room 352–353
Jim Crouch, Chad Anderson, Tyler Dool  Adult 1 (20s–40s) Room 330
Tom Hillegas  Adult 2A (40s–60s) Room 340
Juan Martinez Adult 2B (40s–60s) Room 354–355
Jim Harris  Adult 3 (60+) Room 321–322
Ed Adams  Adult 4A (70+) Room 350
Phil Luna  Adult 4B (70+) Chapel
Ann Devoll  Women’s Class Room 320
David Lowe  Men’s Class  Room 345